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SWEA AZ Professional/SACC Happy Hour

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Datum: 2017-06-05
18:00 – 20:00

Mother Bunch Brewery

SACC Arizona and SWEA AZ Professional invites you to a informal Happy Hour Speaker event to make new contacts and gain new insights.

This time we are featuring author and business coach Milton Mattox.

He will talk on how narrowly defining who a “Customer” Is thwarts the power of customer centricity.

Today, many companies are rallying around the powerful concept of customer centricity. Customer centricity is when all processes within a company are designed around the needs of the customer. The goal is to ensure that processes within the company are focused on customer satisfaction, because satisfied customers are more likely to recommend the company’s products and services to someone else. By doing so, the customer – who is not affiliated with the company other than buying its products and services – becomes an unsolicited promoter of the company.

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