Welcome to SWEA Arizonas Annual Crayfish Party 2023!

Datum - oktober 21, 2023


Come and enjoy this fantastic Swedish tradition on Saturday, October 21th at 6.30pm at the house of Suzanne and Rich Southard!

Home cooked large crayfish, Swedish buffet with meatballs, Janssons Temptation, pies, bread, cheese, salad will be served along with drinks, dessert and coffee. As the tradition calls for we will also sing Swedish songs as we enjoy the crayfish and Aquavit!

Everyone is welcome – Swedes, Americans and any other nationalities!

Only Adults though!


RSVP to Suzanne Southard: sweasuzanne@gmail.com

The cost is USD 50 per person. Please pay via paypal before September 25th. Since we are ordering live crawfish we need an earlier rsvp this year. Address will be provided when you RSVP.

Paypal link